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A few Words about our Manufacturing in Italy


Our production is located in the surroundings of Greve in Chianti in the heart of Tuscany, right where the famous Chianti Classico wine is grown. Also, an area well-known for its top quality craftsmanship in various industries such as furniture, textiles and accessories.
Bauhaus Warehouse manufactures high-quality furniture for the modern classic market as well as alternative markets. In both cases, we offer our customers the best price for a superb quality,...a service for which we stand behind 100%.
Nowadays, the market is overly crowded of similar products at a much lower price. In this section, we introduce you to our manufacturing process and the materials we use. Please judge yourself by comparing with other suppliers. However, we strictly deny competing with any of the low-cost editions who have sacrificed their quality for price.
Apart from the quality of our products, there are also other important factors such as packaging materials, customer service, warranty period and reliable delivery service.
Hence the reason of acquiring our furniture in components from small family-owned workshops and have them assembled, packed and shipped after a detailed quality check. Any one of our suppliers is specialized in processing a particular material sometimes even only one specific article. This diversification guarantees the highest possible skill level for any material and process - and still allows for a low production cost.