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* 18th of January 1949 in Paris

Philippe-Patrick Starck, born on the 18th of January 1949 in Paris is a French Designer and one of the most famous representatives of the New Design Style. Starck’s multiplex designs from architecture to product designs are trackable in nearly every range.
Apart from spectacular interiors, he designs simple commodities like the famous lemon squeezer “Juicy Salif”, the kettle “Hot Bertaa”, a clock radio for the company Telefunken, the motorbike 6.5 from Aprilia, fittings and shower collections for the most well-known companies, a shoe collection for Puma, an international sport equipment company, a computer mouse for Microsoft for lefties and right handers, and so on. Phillipe also has a line of Starck watches with the Fossil, Inc. watch company.
He aims for the industrial production of these objects to make the price fairer for the consumer group.
According to his own statement, the principle of design should be a reduction avoiding every unnecessary décor under the slogan “the ethics of leaving out”.
Between 1965 and 1967, Philippe Starck attends the École Nissim de Camondo in Paris. In the late 1960’s, Philippe Starck collaborates with the designer Quasar on inflatable seating objects and founds with only 18 years his first company.
In the years 1971 and 1972, Philippe Starck becomes Art Director at Pierre Cardin. One year later, he begins a long journey around the world which takes him also to the United States.
In 1976, he designs the interior of the scene night clubs “La Main Bleue” in Montreuil and “Les BainsDouches” in Paris in 1978.
In 1980, he founds Starck Products, a company for making and marketing his own designs.
In 1982, Philippe Starck is one of several designers commissioned to refurbish the private apartments of François Mitterand at the Elysée Palace in Paris.
In 1984, Philippe Starck designs the interior of the Café Costes in Paris; for which, he also designs the elegant "Costes Chair". Obviously, he experiences often that the busy waiters of the café stumble over the legs of the chairs, and therefore he has the idea to design the Costes chair with two front legs while only one leg in the back. During this period, he also designs the “Pratfall Chair".
In 1988, Philippe Starck is commissioned to design the interiors of the Hotel Royalton in New York, a further commission follows in 1990 to design another boutique interior for the Paramount Hotel.
When in 2004, Philippe Starck is given the Raymond Loewy Foundation Lucky Strike Design Award for his life's work, the jury justifies giving it to him as follows: "Philippe Starck is probably the most unusual, quirkiest, and exciting designer of the past twenty years and likely to be for decades to come."
There is nearly no part of his life where Philippe Starck doesn’t design objects and he is one of the most influential designer of our time.